How to Make a Fence in Minecraft | A Beginner’s Guide

Minecraft is a famous sandbox game to play on your Android. This lets you build anything you love by enhancing your creativity. But this involves protecting your buildings or creations from others as well. You should defend your crops and animals from monsters and other harmful visitors. For this purpose, a fence is crucial. Though they are very simple structures, fences are effective in protecting your belongings. This is the guide that helps you in creating your protective layer. Begin your fence-making with this simple guide now.

how to make a fence in minecraft apk

Gathering the Materials

To begin with the fence-making first of all you have to gather the necessary materials. For this at least you need 2 sticks and 2 wooden blocks. The color of the fence will be determined by the wood you are going to select.

2 Wooden Planks

There are different types of wooden planks included in Minecraft. You can use any wooden plank of these types to create your fence. Some of the wooden planks to find in Minecraft are oak, spruce, birch, jungle, dark oak, crimson, bamboo, etc.

2 sticks

This is the other important component of your fence. These sticks are also easily available. You can create the sticks by breaking down the wood blocks or else you can harvest them from younger trees known as saplings.

Crafting the Fence

After gathering the necessary materials, you can start crafting your fence. For this first, you have to create fence blocks. There are two main ways to create your fence blocks. Using craft tables and inventory crafting. Here describe the two ways and the choice is yours to select the best option for you.

Crafting Table

Open the crafting table

To begin with, open the crafting table. This is a useful block that helps you in creating many elements in the gameplay including fences, swords, armor, etc. Normally you can find this crafting table near the furnace in the shelters. By right-clicking the crafting table you can open the crafting table.

Place your materials

Once it is opened you can see a 3X3 crafting table. Place your materials in this crafting table as below.

  • 2 wood planks in the first row
  • 2 sticks in the second row
  • leave the third row empty.

Craft and move the fence to inventory

You can see the fence block on the right side of the crafting table. This will result in 1 fence block. Move this fence to your Inventory by clicking on that.

Inventory Crafting

This is a quick course to follow when creating fence blocks.

Open the inventory

Open the inventory within the Minecraft gameplay.

Create your fence

Find the inventory crafting grid. This is smaller than the crafting table with a 2X2 grid. Place 2 wood planks and 2 sticks in a 2×2 square directly in your inventory crafting grid. This will also yield 1 fence block.

Both these methods will yield 1 fence block. Repeat these procedures to create as many as fence blocks you want.

Building Your Fence

Once you finish crafting fence blocks you can start building your protective barrier. Take good use of these fence blocks to protect your creations.

Select the fence block

Make sure to select the needed fence block from the hotbar. You can explore this hotbar using the scroll wheel. Or else you can use number keys from 1 to 9.

Right-click to place

The next thing you have to do is to move your fence block to the place you want. You can do so by right-clicking at the desired location to place the block.

Repeat to create a fence line

You can repeat the placement process to form a continuous fence line.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Although now you know how to create a fence by using a few simple steps you would also love to know some more additional tips and tricks to fine-tune your crafting process. Hence, here included are some tips and tricks to follow to make your crafting a successful and more creative one.

Using different wood types

As you already know there are different types of wood types you can use to build your fence blocks. Each of these woods has a different color and texture. Therefore, the color and the texture of the fence you are going to craft will depend on the wood type you are going to use. So, consider this factor when crafting your fence if you want to add more attraction.

Connecting fences

Connecting fence blocks to create a fence is a simple and relaxed task in Minecraft. No need to locate the fence block position precisely. Just place the fence blocks next to each other. Minecraft has the capability of joining them together in a simpler way to create a seamless fence line.


Though fences are greater for protection, entry points are crucial. Here you can craft a gate as an entry point by using 4 wooden planks and 2 sticks. Gates can control the access to your land. Crafting a gate is also very easy just as crafting other fence blocks.

minecraft fence gate

In Minecraft, crafting fences is the key to protect your crops and animals from monsters and other harms. Mainly there are two methods to craft your fence. You can either use a crafting table or you can use the crafting inventory. Crafting inventory makes your process simpler and quicker. The course of creating a fence line is also very simple. Just right-click on the place you want to locate your fence blocks. The app will automatically connect blocks to form a fence line. Also, by using different wood types with different colors and textures you can make your fence more attractive. Moreover, this lets you add gates to control access to the land.

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