Troubleshooting Common Issues with Minecraft APK Installation

Minecraft is one of the topmost downloaded sandbox games throughout the world by now. Its unending adventures amuse the players and make it attractive. It’s not only the kids but also the game lovers of elder ages that continue to love this game and spend hours playing it. The fact that you can choose what you want to do is something that is very rare in digital games. But Minecraft is an exceptional case among them.

common Issues with Minecraft APK Installation

However, there are some potential challenges that you might face when downloading this game. It is recommended to get Minecraft as an APK to install to your device. But in order to make this installation safe you need to be aware of the danger that it could cause you too. Mainly, there could be a security risk if you are downloading the Minecraft APK file from a non-official website. Also, there can be other problems like compatibility issues and installation errors. 

This article will help you get through all these issues smoothly and ensure that you get the best Minecraft experience. By carefully following the provided instructions, you will know what to do and what not to do. Thereby, you can troubleshoot the potential problems of Minecraft installation and usage. 

Importance of Using Official Sources

It is strongly advised for the players not to download the APK file from unknown websites

Minecraft community guarantees about getting the setup file from their official websites. However, as you know, there are many other websites that promote themselves for providing the perfect APK files of applications. These websites are strictly not to be trusted. This is because there could be malware and other harmful viruses attached to the APK files you get from them. These could bring harm to your device as well as your valuable data and information in it. Therefore, you must always pick the genuine website when you are seeking to download the Minecraft APK.

Mojang Studios website

This is the most trusted official website that is highly recommended to get the Minecraft APK from. It is also a valid source for legitimate Minecraft APKs.

Google Play Store

If you are an Android user, you can straightaway get Minecraft through the Google Play Store, which is a globally accepted safe platform to get the apps. 

Common Installation Issues and Solutions

“App Not Installed” Error:

This error means that your Minecraft installation is incomplete or not properly finished. There are some possible causes for the “App Not Installed” Error. If your device is not compatible with the installed version of the game, the installation will not be completed. Or else, the APK file could be corrupted before or while downloading. The error can also occur if your device does not have enough space to hold it in. 


Check device compatibility: You can check the list of compatible devices from the mentioned official website of Minecraft. This will help you to choose which version fits you best. 

Re-download the APK: Perhaps the first downloading was interrupted by a connection issue or the like. In this case, re-downloading it will solve the problem.

Free up storage space: If you can identify that your device storage is insufficient to install the app, fix it locally. Go to your device memory and clear it from the unwanted files that take up the space. You can try deleting unused applications as well. Once this is done, try re-downloading the APK.

“Parse Error” or “There was a problem parsing the package” Error:

If you see either of these 2 errors, this can simply mean 2 things. Either your device is not compatible with the Minecraft version downloaded or the downloaded APK file is corrupted. But make sure you identify the exact problem before you try the solution for it.


Re-download the APK: First you can try re-downloading the APK without changing the website as mentioned earlier. 

Verify file integrity: You can find online tools to check the integrity of the APK file you have in hand. You just have to search them online and choose one. Thereafter. Upload the APK file and test them. The tools will show you its degree of validity compared to the original developers’. 

Installation stuck or frozen:

This type of error usually occurs when there is a slow internet connection, if the internet connection is frequently interrupted, if your device does not have the necessary resources to support the game, or if there is a problem with the downloaded file.


Restart the device: Try refreshing the system resources at first. If this does not work, you can restart the device and see in more serious cases.

Check internet connection: You should fix your internet connection to be stable and uninterrupted by other consumer devices. The band-width of your connection matters in downloading and installing Minecraft successfully.

Cancel and retry the installation: If the problem continues and you find it impossible to move forward, please cancel the installation and reattempt on the same.

Additional Tips and Considerations

  • Enable “Unknown Sources” setting): You can enable this option by going to your device settings > App permissions > ticking Unknown sources. Make sure that you specify the relative website (the official Minecraft website in this case) as this matters in your device security. 
  • Update the device’s operating system: This is very important in getting any app to your device. Make sure that the operating system of your device is kept updated before you make changes for the applications. This is because the compatibility advice provided in Minecraft websites assumes that your device contains the latest available OS version.
  • Seek further assistance: When you have tried all the above solutions and if the problem still stands, you have to seek expert advice. For this you can contact Mojang Studios support or other relevant online communities to help you. 


It is clear that you must always select the official website to install Minecraft APK to your device. If you get into any kind of trouble you can always solve those problems by following the given troubleshooting ideas. If you can obey the steps and play the game responsibly, you will have the best Minecraft experience to enjoy unlimitedly.

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