Minecraft APK Features | Top new features released in 2024

Minecraft is a mobile game in which you can decide what you want to do. You can use building blocks to create a world, fight with monsters, go to battles, go on a treasure hunt, fill puzzles, do farming, destroy things and do many more activities with Minecraft. It is one of the Sandbox games where you can choose your own goal. Another best thing is that you can play the game with your friends by sharing what you do and compete with them. Due to this broad range of activities and features in Minecraft, it is one of the most popular games around the world now.

minecraft apk features

Minecraft Features

Creating objects and worlds

The game includes daily crafting which means that you have to create your own tools and weapons to play the game. If you are off for a treasure hunt, you should carry the swords, ropes, axes and other essentials built by you. On the other hand, you can create your own worlds like caves, farms, battle fields and explore what they are like.

Open worlds

Minecraft provides you land, underground, underwater, caves, dungeons, air, desserts, forests and a lot more backgrounds to explore. You can be creative in each of these worlds in suitable ways.

Minecraft Modes

There are 3 main modes in the game. Namely they are Survival Mode, Creative Gave Mode and Hardcore Mode. The Survival mode is generally about, playing puzzles, finding food, earning and looking for shelter. The Creative Mode is where you can build new objects, tools, worlds and explore them. The last mode, Hardcore Mode, is the most difficult one. You have to face challenges, wars and spend time in dungeons. This mode cannot be played properly on your mobile, but on a PC.

User-friendly Interface

Minecraft game has a very easy interface. The kids can easily become familiar with it because it can be understood soon. They will be able to remember the colorful display with all the buttons in place before long. Because of this, Minecraft is very much preferred over the other adventure games which are quite complex.

Cost-Free Game

You need not make any payments to download or play the game. There are no hidden charges or Premium weapons to purchase. Therefore, the game is totally free for you and your kids to enjoy endlessly.

Multiplayer functions

This feature is one of the most fun parts of the game. You can get together with your friends or new communities and compete with each other. You also can get together and work on a common goal such as building a world, going to a battle, breaking into a kingdom or go treasure hunting inside a cave. You also can share your missions with those who are not players yet. As a community, you will get new levels to play which are not available when you are a singular player.

Character Customization

Minecraft is very rich in customization. You can build your own player character, new worlds and many more objects and customize each of their features at a high scale. From the skin color to the behavior features, everything can be changed according to your wish. Each time you want to change a thing, the available options will be displayed when you click on it. And then you can simply select what you like it to be.


Minecraft is compatible with all Android devices, iOS, Windows and Mac PC, Xbox and Linux. The game is highly ranked because of this compatibility feature. This is because it can be originally supported in each of these operating systems without causing any disturbance to the game play.

Fancy graphics

Minecraft is made up of colorful clear graphics that will attract children at once. The visuals, seasons and the worlds are very detailed and real. The extreme backgrounds like war fields and dungeons will also make you feel like you are really in it. Similarly, farms, underwater and cave adventures will feel equally real too. The full game is of high resolution and quality. Your device should be able to withstand its graphic quality while you play it for a long time.

Control Buttons

The control buttons for each play are placed on a side of the screen where they can be easily accessed. This makes it easy for the players to grab them at any instant. Depending on your device, you can make these buttons controllable without touching the screen too. You can use the customization options for them as well.


This feature allows the players to create hi-tech items within the game. These pieces include computers, automated machines, robots, portals to travel, etc. You can even try experiments and invent new findings to the game. This influences the creative intelligence of its young players.

Build a Map

Minecraft allows you to build your own map. You can enjoy this by arranging and rearranging all the objects, places, people and other items you know onto the map. This feature can also be explored with other fiends. You can complete your new map, explore it and then play new adventures in it too. There are many more functions that you can introduce to your map. These will be available to you when you start building it. The maps are customizable including each and every separate object in it. 


If you feel like something you created was not right, you can destroy it. You can demolish your buildings, your vehicles, objects, weapons or even your full map at once. You can also use this tool part by part, to readjust or alter your work when you are creating something. 

Friend list

You can add your friends to the game and create your own community. You may form groups and play against each other or with each other. You can also add your friends to a list and share your progress with them, like and comment on their work and view their positions in the game. This can be done by the accounts that belong to each of you. Minecraft is more fun with your friends around to play it with you.

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