Minecraft APK v1.20.20 Download| Explore generated world [220MB]

Minecraft APK is a popular open-world sandbox game that has taken the gaming community by storm. Mojang Studios developed Minecraft and this game offers a world that is strategically made up of blocks.

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Players can spend countless hours exploring the vast open world and gathering resources. Players can use the gathered resources to build whatever their heart desires, whether it is a simple house or a humongous castle, you can apply your creativity to build and design whatever you like.

Minecraft APK Download

APP NameMinecraft APK
Latest versionv1.20.20
APK Size220MB
Android requiredAndroid 4.4+

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Creative Mode and the Survival Mode

Minecraft APK has two modes. Those are the creative mode and the survival mode.

Creative Mode

In creative mode the developers allow players to build whatever they like in whichever way they like. So, this has been an all-time favorite game mode among gamers due to its unlimited availability of resources and time in making the dream world that the gamer thinks of.

Survival Mode

In survival mode, as the name suggests the game gets a bit tough. Players have to find resources by exploring the vast area of the open world, craft the tools and fend off the enemies. That’s the beauty of this game. It offers something for every type of gamer.

Supports Multiplayer

Minecraft also offers multiplayer capability allowing you and your friends to work as a team to build the gaming kingdom you desire of. Apart from building your favorite place in the whole world, you and your gang can fight with other teams to see which is the better Minecraft building on the platform.

The developers regularly update the game to make it easier to play and make it bug-free. And these updates include cool new features like new resources and new biomes too, which can be incorporated into your creation.

All in all, Minecraft is an app that promotes creativity, exploration, and problem-solving capabilities among its users. The simple yet highly appealing pixelated game has taken the world by surprise and has caught a niche of gamers by becoming a cultural phenomenon.

Minecraft offers unlimited possibilities for its users to try on. By this, players can create whatever their imagination takes them to.

Minecraft APK features

This amazing open-world-building frenzy game offers multiple features for its users. Some of the features are listed down below.

Massive generated world:

The massive generated open world allows the players to explore more and more in this virtual world. The unique nature of the generated world which consists of different landscapes, and different biomes attracts the players even more towards playing the game.

Creative mode:

This fun and stress-free mode of the game allows the players to spend their quality time with the game freely players could explore, build, and gather unlimited resources without any competition from others.

Survival mode:

This feature of Minecraft APK creates some barriers to a normally free-flowing game. Players must work hard by gathering resources, crafting tools, and surviving against environmental challenges to unleash their creativity.

Multiplayer Mode:

This feature allows the layers to contact and interact a little bit more within the game. You can either work as a team to build what you like or you can gather layers and act as the hostile by destroying their creations or by stealing their resources.


Among its vast area of land, players can dive deep into each of the features and explore the open world madness. Players can explore for countless hours among its dungeons, and caves and for the treasures hidden in them.


Among its endless open world, there are other things to do in this game that will help create your dream place in Minecraft. You can craft weapons, tools, and armor from gathering resources by exploring and using these tools to make your creation fancier or defend your creation from hostile players.

Enchanting and Brewing:

Players who have mastered the art of crafting and building can use these features to add sense to their gameplay. They can enchant their armor or tools to gain special abilities while brewing special potions which would give special abilities to the player’s character.

Farming and animal breeding:

to increase the things that are capable of doing in the Minecraft world, developers have to add this feature into the game. Players could even farm and breed rare animals during the gameplay.

Villages and Trading:

Another feature added by the developers to enhance its open-world nature is the villages and trading. There are a lot of different villages in the world of Minecraft, that the layers could visit and trade for items that are rare to find.

Endless customizations:

With various packs and mods layers could customize her characters according to their needs. Apart from the character’s layers also could customize the textures and modify the gameplay through these packs and mods.

Regular updates:

Minecraft receives regular updates to increase the competitiveness of the game while keeping it bug and lag-free. These updates will include various packs, mods, biomes, blocks, and mobs which will enhance and differentiate the gameplay from earlier versions.

How to Install Minecraft APK?

APK Installation Method

  1. First the download Minecraft APK file from the above download links.
  2. Then enable “unknown sources” in the security settings of your android device.
  3. Then open the downloaded APK file follow the on screen instructions to install the APK file.
  4. After the installation process completed just open the game from your apps screen.

Official Google play Installation

Minecraft can be installed on both Android and Apple devices easily. Here are the steps to get Minecraft into our phone right now,

  1. Go to the google play store on Android devices or the App Store on iOS devices.
  2. Search for Minecraft in the search bar.
  3. Select the official Minecraft app developed by Mojang Studios.
  4. Click on the download or the get button to start the downloading process.
  5. Wait until the app is downloaded and installed on your device.
  6. After the app has been downloaded you can find the Minecraft app on the device’s home screen or the app drawer.
  7. Tap on the Minecraft app to launch the application.
  8. If you are a new player, you might be required to create a Minecraft profile and set up the account you can follow the instructions on the app to create the profile and set the account easily.
  9. Once all these are completed you enjoy playing Minecraft.

What’s new in Minecraft APK Latest Version?

With the latest update on Minecraft, the developers have added some cool new features to the game in terms of packs, mods, and bug fixes. Here are some of those features,

New blocks:

In the latest edition of Minecraft, the developers have added new kinds of blocks like Copper, Amethyst, and glazed terracotta these create a new experience for the players and add a new atmosphere to the game.


These cute aquatic pet creatures have also been added to the new version of Minecraft. These can be found in underground caves to be tamed and kept as pets. These also add a new dimension to the game.


All the troubles of players’ managing a large inventory might be solved with this option. The developers have seen the struggles that players undergo to manage a large inventory and added this cool feature to the latest version of Minecraft.

From this feature, players can create one single large bundle, consisting of several items. This cool feature allows the players to group their items and manage their inventorieseasily.


Rearing goats in your designed Minecraft location might be the best new thing. These cute little creatures have been added to the game to add a new dimension to the animal-rearing mob.

Goats can easily be found in mountain biomes. Just like actual goats in real life, these have an amazing ability to climb cliffs and headbutt.


Who doesn’t lie to dig up some old past from the ground and keep it as a keepsake? The developers have added the same feature to the latest version of Minecraft.

In the latest edition, you can dig up or excavate artifacts from the dig sites. The uncovered artifacts could be used as decorative items or they can be traded at the villages for far more important items for you.

Deep slate:

Players from the Minecraft community have been looking for darker appearance blocs for ages now. This question has been answered in the latest edition by the producers

The developers have been able to pack the newest version of Minecraft with Deep slate blocks. The deep blocks generate at lower depths of the world due to their deep origins they appear in dark color.

These dark-colored blocks now can add a new appearance to your building or creation.

Amethyst Geodes:

Just like deep slate, these rare structures are found underground. amethyst geodes are made u of amethyst crystals these crystals can be harvested and can later be used in various crafting practices.

Sculk sensors:

This new feature added by the developers can detect vibrations. sculk sensors are blocks that detect vibrations and can emit redstone signals.

These sculk sensors create a new level of interaction for players. As well as automation to redstone contraptions too.

Wandering traders:

The wandering traders have been added to the latest version of the Minecraft app. These wandering traders are a unique type of villagers, which offers new and exclusive tours the encounters with this type of traders can yield much more rewards to the players.

Gameplay improvements:

Developers have added these cool features to the game, and they haven’t forgotten about the gameplay side of things in Minecraft. The latest version of Minecraft is the best so far with improved gameplay, bug fixes, and performance optimizations. These added features to the gameplay will ensure the players that their game would run smoothly and the gaming experience would be at the maximum levels.

How to Use Minecraft APK?

After creating the player profile, all left to do is play the game. Here are some of the tips that might be useful in playing the game.

Movements: Movements are done by pressing W, A, S, and D keys on your keyboard which will move your character forward, left, backward, and right respectively. The Space bar is used for jumping and the Shift key is used for crouching.

Crafting: Right-click on the crafting tray to open the crafting menu, then drag and arrange in the 3×3 block to craft new items and tools. Resources for crafting should be gathered by exploration.

Building: Building is done by selecting a block from the inventory, and right-clicking on the world to place it.

Interacting: Interacting is done by right-clicking on items which will lead to opening the chest, going through doors, or accessing crafting recipes

Combat: Left mouse button is clicked to attack enemies and defend the character. Different armors and weapons provide firepower and shield.

Inventory Management: Inventory is opened by pressing E on the keypad. The player can drag and rearrange items according to their liking, and the most frequently used items can be played in the Hotbar at the bottom.

Enchanting and Brewing: Enchanting allows you to enhance weapons and tools with special abilities. Brewing will create various potions with special effects.

Redstone: These special creations are used to make circuits and mechanisms. The type of items created by red stones include power devices, created traps, and automated systems.

How to install Minecraft APK for PC?

Following the few easy steps mentioned below you can install Minecraft on your PC easily,

  • Visit the Official Minecraft website by typing minecraft.net on your preferred browser, or you can visit the Microsoft app store if you’re using a Windows PC.
  • Then create a Mojang account, and purchase the Minecraft Java edition or the Windows 10 edition depending on your preference.
  • If you are using the official website, download the Minecraft installer file and if you are using the Microsoft Store app select “install”.
  • Then run the installer file or open the Microsoft Store app.
  • Follow the instructions on the Installer program to successfully install Minecraft onto your PC.
  • After installing, launch the game by clicking on the desktop icon then the updates to the game will be downloaded and installed automatically. After all the updates have been installed you can enjoy playing Minecraft.


Can I mod Minecraft to add new features?

Yes. Minecraft consists of a great modding community that allows you to add new features, mechanics, and gameplay improvements to your game through mods. You can find these websites through the Minecraft forum.

Can I transfer my Minecraft world to another device?

Yes. You can transfer Minecraft by using methods like USB sharing or Cloud storage.

Can I play Minecraft on consoles?

Yes. Minecraft is playable on popular console platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo.

Can I create my Minecraft server?

Yes. You can create your server to lay with your friends or to create a community.

Final words

Minecraft could be viewed as a gateway to a world where imagination knows no boundaries. In this world of endless possibilities, you can create whatever your heart desires

With boundless creativity and over-the-top open-world features Minecraft caters to every person out there. Whether you are an adventurer, builder, explorer, or fighter, Minecraft provides the perfect platform for your imagination to run wild.

Minecraft is a truly great game that has been ever created, this captured the hearts of millions of people worldwide. If you haven’t yet played Minecraft, you are missing out on a great experience.

So dive into this pixelated world, where no boundaries are present, and let your imagination run wild.