How to Play Minecraft on Mobile?

Did you know that you can play Minecraft on your mobile device for free? Here is how you can get it on your mobile device.

minecraft apk for mobile

Installing Minecraft to your Mobile

  1. Open the Google Play Store if your device is Android or the Apple App Store if your device is iOS.
  2. Search for “Minecraft” and select the green and brown icon. 
  3. You will have to make a payment to download the app to your device. Once this payment is made, the installation will automatically get completed.
  4. You will have to allow a few permissions that Minecraft requires from you device. Please grant those to ensure that the app works at its best for you. 
  5. Now you have to create and account in Minecraft. If you already have an account you can login with the same details. But if this is your first launch, give a user name, email ID and a password to complete the account. 
  6. Now you can login with the same username and password to enjoy playing the game on your mobile.

Minecraft on Mobile

Minecraft is different when played from the mobile than from the PC. The PC game supports the Java version well which is more featured. But the mobile game is doubtful since the way that various devices support Java scripts is different. Anyway, the game can still be played in an equally entertaining way if you know how to do it. You can play the game in Android, iOS and even Chromebook.

The users can use a Java Launcher to support and run Java Minecraft on their mobiles. PojavLauncher is the best option for this. 

How to Play Minecraft with PojavLauncher on your Mobile

Minimum requirements to install PojavLauncher

For Android:

  • Devices with Android 5 or above
  • Device with a RAM of 1.5GB or more

For iOS:

  • Devices with iOS 12 or above
  • A10X Chip or more
  • Jailbreaking feature


  • Devices that support Android apps
  • Devices with a RAM of more than 2GB 

How to Install PojavLauncher

Open your Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Search for the keywords “PojavLauncher”. Select the app with the icon of a brown color block. Click on “Install” and then wait for the installing process to complete.

Now Login to your Minecraft account with your own username and password. Also tick the option “Keep logged in”. This will make sure that you need not to type your login details each time you use the game. Instead, you can use the “Select account” option for logging in next time.

Next you will have to select the Minecraft version you want to play. For this, you should know the version you have downloaded to your mobile first. When you are sure of it, select the correct version from the given list and click on “Play”.

If you get a warning dialog box when you press the Play button, just go through the instructions and click on “Play Anyway”. This will help you launch the game.

Problems with PojavLauncher

  • You need to press and hold the screen to activate a weapon. You cannot perform those functions with just a single tap on the screen. This is a disadvantage in times of urgency in the game.
  • PojavLauncher does not support the latest released versions of Minecraft. But only the listed ones in it, which usually is 1 or 2 versions behind the latest updates.
  • You will find some objects like the Spawn egg banners in other colors and not the correct colors. This can be made right with renderers.
  • Sometimes the Launcher will not work properly and continuously for long hours.
  • A few of the controller mods could fail to work when you are playing.
  • The texture and the picture quality might be weaker depending on your device properties.

Installing OptiFine

OptiFine is an option that you can use to improve the graphic quality issues of Minecraft on mobile play. This can be easily installed in Android 11 than on the other devices. This is because Android 11 has scoped storage changes. You can use either the in-built File Manager or a PC to copy the files that you need to modify using OptiFIne.

However, launching, rendering and switching back and forth with the renderers in OptiFIne is quite difficult. And you may need a practiced person to get you on track first. You can also do it by properly following the given instruction with care. And if you do it right, the color and graphic problems on your game will all go away. 

Fixing Performance problems

There could be performance problems such as the game getting stuck, the functions not working instantly, etc. If you face any of these, there are a number of ways to solve this problem.

  • Go to the PojavLauncher settings and lower the resolution of the game.
  • Try to launch more mod packs such as
    • Sodium – for rendering
    • Starlight – for reworking the light engine
    • OKZoomer – supports OptiFine Zoom functions
    • Smoothboot – for reducing load times
    • NotEnoughCrashes – For reporting the crashes that you face with the game and for helping you to enjoy smooth playing
    • FerriteCore – For minimizing memory storage

Final Words

This way, Minecraft can be played on your mobile without any issues. It is clear that most of the users prefer to get this all-in-one game on their mobile, rather than having to sit in front of the PC every time they would like to play it. Therefore, the Minecraft mods and the Java launchers can help you with your needs. You just need to know how to use each, which is very easy with the instructions provided.

So, make sure you get all the mod apps to help you enjoy a smooth Minecraft experience with your mobile, no matter what the device is.

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