How to Create an Adventure Map in Minecraft

The Minecraft adventure game is filled with worlds and many wonders on each part of its territories. In order to give you the layout of these areas, the community has maps to direct you through. The adventure maps are one of these genres and those can help you identify the structures laid by the developers of the game and their respective world locations. This article will brief you about creating such Adventure Maps and following it correctly.

How to Create an Adventure Map in Minecraft

Creating an Adventure Map

Step 1: Planning your Map

01. There are different kinds of map themes for you to choose one out of. Survival, Story and Parkour are some of the popular types:

  • Survival – You can do many things to survive within the borders of these maps. You may break blocks and build other items whenever necessary to withstand the enemy attacks.
  • Story – Those maps will provide you with a series of instructions to follow together with a specific goal to achieve.
  • Parkour – You will face many challenges that require skill in this category. Those actions will be informed to you and you need to pass the challenges to get to the set goal.

02. Next you need to find what you need and how to get them. This may vary according to your need. But you should keep the following in mind when determining this aspect:

  • Building material should be decided for each item on your map including buildings, terrain, etc.
  • The map size should be determined in a way that it is easier to plan your structural layout on it.
  • Then establish routes from one area to the other.
  • Do some brainstorming and draft a storyboard before you start constructing the map. This will keep you focused on what you need to do.

03. If you are new to maps, you may look around for what other players have done. Considering these true examples will help you get an idea about how you should start your own, what you need to do and what kind of an end product you need.

Step 2: Building Your Map

  1. You now need to install a Minecraft world editor. With this editor map building is easier. You may have to build the map by one block at a time on the normal game. However, if you have such an editor, you can finish the work in a short time, quickly. A good example of such a world editor is MCEdit.
  2. You have to download the Minecraft maps and you need to open the game on your PC to do it.
  3. Start with creating a new world. Choose the Single player option and then “More worlds”. There you will get several types of worlds including Superflat and many more. After you have made the selection, click on the “Create New World” button.
  4. After you complete this step, you will be able to find the newly created world. Now save it and then exit the game.
  5. As the next step, launch your downloaded map editor app. Click on the Load button and select the newly created world by name. The steps might slightly change from one editor to the other. However, you should select the new world you created and open it in the editor to proceed.
  6. First start forming the map by defining your boundaries with a wall. You may select the material for this on your own. It is thereafter that you should fill the middle ground with the terrain as per your preference. You may create jungle to desert terrains, superflat terrains, add foliage and plants, etc. There shall also be certain structures that are automatically generated.
  7. You can decide whether to keep them or remove them from your map. Villages and dungeons are such structures. You can create the map as naturally as possible by variable additions to it this way.
  8. Now you can further add structures like higher levels to your map. This is again where you should decide about the theme of your map.
  9. You should also include your creative mind and tricky ways to your map. Traps, mobs, lava pits, steep falls, etc. are some of such ideas. You can be further tricky by placing more danger in those falls, like adding scary items in dark hallways, placing harmful plants in pits, etc. These will play an important role in your safety when being attacked by enemies.
  10. The story maps can be marked with signage and additional books to direct those who enter it. These will describe the hidden strategies and help anyone who enters the world find the correct way. Signs are clearer and easy to follow because it does not consume much time to read them. The books, however, may contain more detail but will also take time to read and obtain the information from them.
  11. Now is the time to add a value to your map. You can do this by introducing a hidden treasure or loot or some magical object in a certain place. Chests are other options that could be placed to add curiosity. You can also consider hiding special tools, health items in places that are hard to find.
    Finally, when you are satisfied with the value of your map, you can save your work. This should be followed by exporting the same to your game and placing it where you plan it to be on your terrain.

Step 3: Publishing your Map

  1. You can open the map on Minecraft and test it a few times to make sure that there are no errors or bugs in it and that it works perfectly.
  2. Then locate the Minecraft adventure file by going to Launch Options > Advanced Settings > OK > Add New > Game Directory > Saves Folder > Map’s name.
  3. Copy this map file and then paste the same on your Desktop.
  4. Now navigate to a Minecraft map website like MinecraftMaps, Planet Minecraft, MinecraftSix, etc. from your browser.
  5. You should probably create an account to continue on these sites and login.
  6. Upload and submit your map by giving the correct link. Give the full information and click on Upload.
  7. By clicking on Save or Submit, you will be sending your map for review by the developers. Once this stage is passed, which might take a few days, your map will be published.

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