How to Make an Iron Golem in Minecraft

In the well-known adventure game MineCraft, the players face many challenges from their day to day enemies of different kinds. You can use many strategies to defeat their enemies in the Survival mode, Hard core Mode and Adventure mode like creating tools and shelter to get cover from them.

Iron Golem in Minecraft

But as you go on fighting further, it is better to have a strong ally close to you by your side. An Iron Golem is someone like that. He can guard you from your enemies and will fight off the monsters that you face unexpectedly. In this article, you will learn how to create an Iron Golem.

What is an Iron Golem and Steps to make one in MineCraft

An enemy like a zombie, a spider or a pillager may see an Iron Golem like an NPC who roams around the village peacefully. But if you are recognized as an enemy to it, it will sprint to you in seconds and will smash you into dust. It is the same with your enemies as well. Therefore, having an Iron Golem at your side is really beneficial when you go to higher levels in Hardcore mode, especially.
They are very loyal and justice-seeking creatures. Even you are not allowed to touch or harm a villager when an Iron Golem is around. You can have more than one Iron Golem in tha game. You may have one around your home and place it near the fence, for instance. He will serve the purpose of not letting the enemies approach you at night time.

To make an Iron Golem in MineCraft, you should have iron blocks and a carved pumpkin. You can use jack o’lantern straight away, if you already have one, in the place of the carved pumpkin. To get pumpkins, you can grow them on the grassy areas in your world. You may probably keep them for some time to get a grown pumpkin. Then pluck it and carve it using a pair of shears. Now light it with a torch so that you get your jack o’lantern. You can directly use this item for your Iron Golem.
You can get iron blocks by crafting 9 iron ingots to each other. They can be collected by smelting raw iron or iron ore. You may use any type of fuel for this work. So 9 iron ingots will give you 1 iron block. Likewise, you need 4 iron blocks with you to create the Iron Golem.

If you have these items on your crafting table, you can lay 4 of the iron blocks in T shape and then place your carved pumpkin on its top, as the head.

Then this craft will turn into an Iron Golem while you watch. It will come to like and start walking around.
Iron Golems can do many things to help protect you. It is its natural way to sprint to every corner of the world you are in and support your battles.

How to Use and Heal Your Iron Golem?

Your Iron Golems will naturally fight away the enemies and will help you defeat the monsters naturally. You need not to give commands to them. However, when the time passes, they might wander away and be stationed in other villages or other neighborhoods. Then they start serving these new companions instead of you. In such a case, you will probably have to create another Golem.

how to use and heal your iron golem in minecraft

But there are ways to stop your Iron Golem from leaving you and finding new masters:

  • You can build a fence around the Iron Golem and limit them to that area. You can open and let it out if in times of need.
  • Another way is to tie them to a fence or another stronghold using a lead. In this case you must make sure that the area which can be reached by the Iron Golem is enough for you to get covered from the enemies. Because when the Golems are tied, they cannot reach the enemies out of their league.
  • Therefore, if you want the Iron Golem to guard your house and property including you, you can build a fence right around the premises and place the Iron Golem n it. This way, you will be very safe within the boundaries. However, there is still a chance for it to disappear if they find some blocks or a similar item to jump over the fence. Therefore, you should keep the area free from such items, if you do not wish to lose it.
  • When the Iron Golem is within your boundaries you are very safe in it too, so try to stick to the area alone. Do not go far from your own premises. Because going away means you are losing your guard.

When you Iron Golem fights enemies, he could be wounded as the enemies are also attacking him back. You will see these wounds as cracks in its body. If it has more and more cracks, that means your iron Golem is not healthy anymore. He will lose strength to each enemy and will eventually die.

In such cases you can heal the Golem using iron ingots. You only need to hold the ingots to the Iron Golems’s chest and you will find it recovering its health and strength. You get 25 health for an iron ingot.

Quick Tips to Remember about Iron Golems

An Iron Golem which you created will never attack you even while it is serving you or after he has gone away. But it will act naturally on other things that hurt it and other things around it. The Golem will kill the wolves, even those who belong to you, if they attack it.
If an Iron Golem dies, you get either 2 iron ingots or poppy flowers. These can be added to your crafting table or inventory once again.

You can also find an Iron Golem in villagers and pillager outposts. These are not the ones created by you, but you can still bring them home.

SO, when attacking villagers, you should keep in mind that the Iron Golems which belong to the village could be around waiting to spring and attack you once they recognize you as a threat.

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