Get and Use Honeycomb in Minecraft

In the famous sandbox game, Minecraft, bees and honeycombs are a newly added feature to enhance the entertainment of its players. Since this adventure game is full of natural wonders, the developers look more into delivering the reality that an individual could face in the outer world as much as possible. The addition of bees and honeycombs is one such other thing.

Honeycomb in Minecraft

Since Minecraft is played by millions of worldwide users, the game keeps on updating its features. And as you would love to revel in the unending adventures that it can bring you, staying updated is necessary. This article will brief you about how to use honeycombs and how it relates to the bees in the game.

How to Get Honeycombs in Minecraft?

You can use the honeycombs to craft candles, other beehives and even waxed copper, which has a different usage for each.

You can also use the honeycombs to open a honeycomb farm in Minecraft. This will help you survive by your own means and you can keep your bees to serve you in need.

It is necessary to be careful when you try to grab a honeycomb. Doing this violently can upset the bees inside it which will make them dangerous.

In order to get a honeycomb on your garden, follow the below instructions carefully:

  • First you need to have two shears, a bee nest or a beehive.
  • To craft the shears, you will need 2 Iron Ingots. Iron Ingots can be found by smelting an iron ore.
  • Next you should place the iron Ingots on the crafting table. Place one at the middle of it and the other at the bottom-left corner.
  • It is easy to find a bee nest if you wander around the green territory with trees in your world. They are randomly available and are surrounded by bees. So you will not miss them if you come across any.
  • However, to harvest a bee nest, it should first be filled with honey. The honey level will be indicated at the side of the nest.
  • When the bees leave the nest for pollen and return back, you will find the honey level increasing. This rate is higher in the daytime provided that it is not raining. When the level reaches 5, the bee nest is full and is ready to be harvested. You will be able to see the oozing honey dripping down the nest at this stage.
  • Now with the 2 shears you collected, you can harvest the bee nest. When you are harvesting the bee nest, you will find 3 honeycomb units appear while its honey level drops back to zero. But while you do this, beware of the bees inside. They also have the chase of getting out of the nest suddenly and chasing you. If they succeed in stinging you, you will be poisoned for a short time. And remember that they will not stop until you are stung at least by one. So handle the bee nest emptying very carefully.
  • You may repeat this process until you have collected the number of honeycombs you need. While one bee nest is being refilled, you can roam around and find another. This way, your progress will be quicker. As long as the bees are alive, you will have the honeycomb supply steady.

How to Use Honeycombs in Minecraft?

When you have enough honeycombs, you can use them to help you within the game. This is by using them to craft other items like beehives. A beehive acts the same as a bee nest, but you can place them according to your own will. A beehive needs to be either found by bees or arranged to be found by bees on purpose.

In order to craft a beehive, you should open your crafting table and place planks on the top and bottom rows. Now fill the middle row with the honeycombs you have. This will give you a beehive.

You can also make candles with honeycombs. These can be used as a light source in times that it is placed down. But you will have to use Flint and steel to light them up. You can do this by placing a string above one Honeycomb piece.
If you form a square with 4 pieces of honeycombs in your crafting table, you will get a Honeycomb Block. This is majorly for decorative purposes rather than being further useful.

Furthermore, you can get waxed copper from a honeycomb. This can be done by combining any copper item with a honeycomb. The use of waxed copper is that it will protect your copper items from being oxidized and will keep them in their original color for a long time.

Tips to keep in mind about Honeycombs in Minecraft

  1. To prevent the bees from getting angry when you are harvesting a bee nest, you can light a fire under the nest. This can also be done by locating a campfire within 5 blocks of the bee nest as well. The bees will be calmed by the smoke produced. This is a good way to prevent them from attacking you and poisoning you.
  2. To lure the bees to a beehive, you can hold a flower closer to it. The bees are quickly attracted to flowers close by. But remember that you can only have 3 bees in each beehive. That is the maximum that can be held by the beehives at a given time.
  3. The honeycomb farms are self-supported. Those can keep you from wearing stuffy white safety suits.

Final Words

The new feature of bees and honeycombs have been found interesting by most of the Minecraft users. But knowing to use them correctly can definitely enhance your fun. So by the details in this article, now you know how to handle the bees, bee nests, beehives and the honeycombs. Basically, by the introduction of bees, the game has changed as well.

So you may explore the new changes without delay and enjoy the fun it offers you to the fullest. Additionally, keep the tips in mind to prevent you from doing dangerous things that could cost you a life.

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