How to Survive in Survival Mode in Minecraft

MineCraft Game is known by almost everybody by now for its adventurous goal of changing nature. It can be described as a Sandbox game that allows you to create things, fight battles, fill us puzzles and do so many things depending on your mood alone. Now, there are modes in this game. The Creative mode where you build your plot and the tools, the Survival mode where you survive the enemies and live on what you built, Adventure mode where you choose adventures and fulfil them and finally the Hardcore mode which is the most difficult to survive.

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This article will enlighten you more about the ways you can survive in the survival Mode and the things you should remember to live longer.

Strategies to follow to keep living in the Survival Mode

Make no mistake that you will not be left to stay peacefully in the Survival Mode like in the Creative mode. There will be many challenges that come your way during the day time as well as the night. So you should be equipped to face each of these troubles in your own ways. Here are some tricks to help you stay alive.

Get the Basic resources to you

Try to surround yourself with the tools and equipment you have built in the Creative mode. Stay covered in your house or fortress for as long as you can. Do not come out unless you really are in need of something.

Collect more wood

Collecting wood is helpful because it can be used to make furniture, chests, tools and even houses and fences. You can choose the type of wood that you need to cut. You can collect wood by cutting trees and chopping down the pieces. When you have built from the wood you can collect more of it. The wood you cut is stored in your Inventory. When building stuff you can access it directly and use the timber for your work.

Get wooden Planks

Wooden planks will serve you better than just logs. So when chopping the cut trees, cut them into planks. Otherwise, you will need wood again for better building purposes.

Crafting Table

A crafting table is what you want if you are thinking of building a lot of things. All the items you collect will be clearly sorted and presented in the crafting table and you can easily select what you need to build and with what to build directly from it. So using the Crafting Table for building items is advisable.

Find and Kill Animals

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Animals could be easy to find sometimes but may not be easy at another. However, by finding and killing a few sheep will help you pass your stage soon. It gives you more marks. But be careful. Finding and killing animals is not that easy in MineCraft. You will need to hide and attack them with the weapons that you have.

Advantages of animals

Each animal can provide you different needs:

  • Cows will give you meat and leather
  • Horses can give you leather
  • Chicken is for meat, eggs and feathers
  • Fish can be eaten
  • Cats will give string
  • Pigs are again for meat
  • Turtles provide shells
  • Sheep can give meat and wool

Crafting a bed

You should have a bed in your house to survive the night. You can easily make thin with three wool sets and three wooden planks. You can get these items from your crafting table straight away.

A door for protection

A door is something that is very essential. You can easily make a door using some wood of a preferred type. This is for your protection and is a top priority. Do not pan on surviving at least one night without a door.

Contain the valuables in a chest

You can prepare a chest from wood and use it to contain your loot. You can keep an Inventory of it so that you will not lose the valuable items even if you die.

Killing Monsters

At night time, there will be monsters that try to kill you. They will appear from nowhere all of a sudden. You will have to defeat them by fighting them off and you can, of course, use your weapons to do this. When an enemy is defeated, you can collect its remains and make them useful to you in many ways:

  • Skeletons for arrows
  • Creepers for gunpowder
  • Spiders for string and their eyes
  • Witches for magic potions
  • Zombie piglin for a gold sword
  • Iron golem for iron ingots and poppies

Go fishing

Fishing can be done by getting a fishing rod and sitting near a lake or pond. You will catch fish as well as many other items which are of great value. Some of these precious items are leather, glass bottles, magic fishing rods, magic books, magic bows, treasure, and much more. Usually these items should be bought with a price. But in fishing, you might get them for free. So it is worth trying.

Build a House

You can build your house with the material you have in hand and those which you can collect from the surroundings. You can build the house step by step from its foundations to the roof. You may change the sizes, the shapes and the material as you wish while building it. Leave openings for ventilation as well as access.

Decorate the house

You have the freedom to decorate your house with the colours that please you, with furniture as you may feel comfortable with and keep doors and windows as necessary.

Food and Drinks

You may collect and eat your food which can be fruits, grains, meat or juice from what is available.

Keep a furnace to cook

Having a furnace can give you cooked food. You can cook or stake the animals with some firewood or coal.


Create your swords, bow and arrow, axe, etc. and keep them ready to attack the monsters at any time. This ensures your protection.

Beware of death

You should not collide with a monster or you shall be killed. Other possibilities are by digging a mine and catching fire, Keep out of these high risk activities and you can survive the Survival Mode successfully.

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